What Is The ORCA Project?

The ORCA project is a rare opportunity for growth and reurbanization, in that it can deliver change to an urban structure that is not so easily changed. For the first time in over 150 years, the City can reclaim the land it lost to the rail corridor and can achieve this without impeding the vital flow of people and goods along it, which has been so important to the City’s growth. For an overview of the project statistics please learn more here.

Development Process

The ORCA Project is in the first of four stages of development and an Official Plan Amendment has been filed with the City of Toronto, you can learn more about our submission here.





A Complete Community

Striving to be a Complete Community, this will be a transit-oriented development leveraging multi-modal commuting and transportation. A unique community created to meet people’s needs for daily living and convenience which can also adapt to changing human needs by catering to each stage of life.


The ORCA Project intends to bring several state-of-the-art technologies to push the envelope on sustainability. Potential technologies ranging from pneumatic garbage collection to CHP, solar PV cogeneration plants to parking analytics software to even District Heating and Cooling. The ORCA Project is in a unique position to leverage its scale and mixed-use makeup to pursue higher energy efficiency and savings.

A Better Mixed-use Model

The ORCA Project builds and expands upon the average mixed-use development. By integrating PLAY and CONNECT components at such a large scale, many possibilities arise for innovation and creativity. When leveraged with LIVE, WORK, SHOP the right way, the possibilities are endless.






ORCA will be a fully connected hub that promotes multi-modal local and regional transit options, and will connect the urban fabric around it.

A super-charged and publicly accessible amenity like no other that welcomes a diversity of uses promoting culture, entertainment, leisure and fun.

A destination retail and hospitality centre that will serve some of the fastest growing neighbourhoods in the Downtown West.

As companies move back to the city, the need for high-performance office space has never been greater. The ORCA project will provide flexible, state-of-the-art and healthy office environments that connect seamlessly to the surrounding network.

Toronto’s downtown core is desirable for all types of families who want to live and grow in an exciting, diverse and complete community. The ORCA Project boasts one of the largest portions of residential suites dedicated for families, and we’re doing our part with adding 550 affordable housing units. All of which are located looking over a significant world-class green open space and connected to all modes of transportation within the City.