How Is This Possible?

Imagine a Partnership between Public and Private enterprise that is supported by the best team the industry has to offer.

Economically Responsible

Construction and development activities are expected to provide almost 30,000 person-years of employment and generate approximately $735 million in tax revenues. Ongoing operations would provide approximately 9,000 person-years of employment and almost $230 million in tax revenues per year. The ORCA Project provides an opportunity for a significant public park at a fraction of the cost to taxpayers. See the full list of economic benefits.


Aligned With TOcore

The ORCA Project aims to be in sync with TOcore’s Guiding Principles for increasing Livability, Connectivity, Prosperity, Resiliency and Responsibility. It is important to plan for the future needs of the City.

Challenges Guiding Principles How Does The ORCA Project Align
Livability A downtown of Neighbourhoods

The ORCA Project touches upon and balances each of the attributes that support urban life by supplying a healthy mix of employment, housing, retail, open spaces, community facilities and transit.
Flexible and Dynamic Public Spaces

The ORCA Project makes up for the local imbalance of family sized units in the area by providing 40% 2-bedroom units and 30% 3-bedroom units. The ORCA Project also makes provisions for a significant contiguous 12 acre open space, something never done before.
An Inclusive and Affordable Downtown

The ORCA Project proposes at least 550 affordable housing units, something which the City of Toronto is desperate for in an ever increasing market.
Connectivity The Region’s Most Accessible Centre

The ORCA Project, set atop a rail corridor and new proposed commuter station is positioned to enhance connectivity to workers and residents while respecting Union Station’s function as the transit hub.
Prioritizing Sustainable Transportation

The ORCA Project will employ automobile reduction strategies and has made provisions for seamless public transit connectivity. Bicycle parking is in abundance and provisions for the weekday bike commuter have been provided at each of the entrances to the project site. We hope the provisions for open space are used by commuters everyday as a green option in lieu of biking through busy, car laden streetscapes.
A Green, Connected Public Realm

The ORCA Project will be a balanced destination for all, offering green space, retail, residences and workspace. The ORCA Project will support and make every effort to connecting to the green street network.
Prosperity A Competitive Image to the World

The ORCA Project is an exciting, challenging project of massive proportions. Over a rail corridor area. We are excited to show the world we can do this and showcase our local designer and architectural talent.
Economic Driver for the City, Region and Country

We are excited to provide for approximately 80,000 square meters of commercial office space in one of the most highly anticipated employment growth centers at King-Spadina.
Flourishing Scene for Arts and Culture

The ORCA Project envisions a partnership with the City on arts and culture. To provide the City with seasonal festivals and year-round programming for a significant open green space, inclusive of an inviting Atrium and Galleria space.
Resiliency A Stronger, Healthier Downtown

We believe that density is best situated near transit nodes to reduce the overall footprint its residents have. The ORCA Project is well positioned to take advantage of this and we intend to push the envelope further by providing on-site power generation AND connecting to district heating/cooling systems. Lastly but just important, we plan for a solar component and several other green technologies linked to the open space. The ORCA Project boasts one of the lowest coverage ratios ever for a downtown development.
Towards A Low-Carbon Downtown

The ORCA Project envisions on-site power generation with high-efficiency Combined-Heat-Power and plans to connect to district heating/cooling systems. A robust, green energy strategy plan will help inform the design at each stage of development.
Responsibility Strong Partnerships

The ORCA Project owners have historically provided parkland to the City and are more than willing to engage in partnerships with the City for an immersive 12 acre open space.
Sustainable Financial Mechanisms

Our plan provides for a balanced, economically feasible arrangement with the City for a significant open green space downtown – both on a buildout and maintenance perspective. This is the type of City building we enjoy!