Development Team

P.I.T.S. Developments Inc. Planning for the ORCA Project began in 2012 and as it progressed it brought together development professionals from CRAFT Development Corp., Kingsmen Group Inc., and IDR Developments, to form P.I.T.S. Developments Inc.

CRAFT Development Corp. Toronto-based CRAFT is led by an experienced and creative team with over 30 years of development experience. CRAFT has been involved in the development of over 2 million square feet of retail, office, and residential projects across southern Ontario, Pennsylvania and Florida. Since its inception, CRAFT sees opportunities where others do not, and works with industry leaders to determine the best way to turn a vision into reality.

Carmine Nigro is a co-founder and has over 35 years of real estate development experience including acquisitions, construction management and urban planning. In addition to his work at CRAFT , Carmine has been a member of the Friends of the Orphans Canada organization for over 20 years offering his time and labour to building schools, hospitals and other facilities in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and other countries. Carmine prefers a “give back” approach to city building with a focus on sustainability for his grandchildren. He brings a steady hand coupled with a practical, solution-focused approach to the most complex projects.

Kingsmen Group INC The Kingsmen Group INC is a fully integrated company with a highly experienced staff of acclaimed experts in the fields of urban planning, civil engineering, construction management, accounting and finance, sales and marketing, design, property management and customer service.

Matthew Castelli is the founder and president of the Kingsmen Group. In the past three decades, Matthew has used his customer-focused approach to create some of the most loved new homes communities all across Southern Ontario. During this time, he has built more than 6,000 homes, won numerous industry awards and helped countless families find the homes of their dreams. In addition, Matthew has built numerous large retail developments.

IDR Developments INC Peter Griffis, President and CEO of IDR Developments INC, and a co-founder of CRAFT, has over 38 years experience in the construction and development sectors. Peter’s understanding of business, along with his background in both project management and costing, have allowed him to transition easily into larger, more complex projects. Peter is known for always putting the community first and has a reputation as an individual who is resourceful and brings out-of-the-box thinking to projects.